Zeviouz - Homebrew Xevios remake

Zeviuz uma versão do famoso Xevius lançado no Atari Age com recursos especiais para 7800, By Chris

1995 Acessos
Ainda inacabado, infelizmente não funcionou no Javatari

Versão para teste, com 80% completo, ainda está faltando:

Andor-Genesis Motherships.
PAL60 support.
High-score table.
Atarivox support (not sure about including speech?).
Attract mode.
Two-Player Support (turn-based, not simultaneous).

The game is a direct port from the 7800 source code, with lots of optimizations and tweaks to make it work on the 2600. The main differences from the 7800 version are:

The scrolling background uses the playfield instead of tiles.
The sprites (by Nathan Strum) are based on the arcade version.
The ground enemies are animated, e.g. buildings open-up to fire.
The level layouts are modified to reduce flicker.